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01 September 2015

Pirates of Penzance

19th March 2015
Concert Hall QPAC
Harvest Rain
Photography by Nick Morrissey

Tonight I was lucky enough to get a ticket to The Pirates of Penzance and what a show it was. All I can say is that it was sensational and as a bonus it was full of friends I have made this year.

First I want to congratulate my astoundingly talented Pirate and Policemen friends the very becoming and sexy as hell Dan Venz, Tom Oliver, Chris Kel Lett, Zachary Denman and Ethan Jones. These all singing all dancing guys are just brilliant and I have become to know their hard work of late and it is to be followed. I have seen them so often since meeting many of the in Boy & Girl at the beginning of the year. Directed by Simon Gallaher who must know it backwards as he was the star 30 years ago, and it shows in the joy and non stop inventiveness served up. 
Nancye Hayes has several decades of experience that just shines on stage with comfort, precision and a knowledge known only to a real trooper and main stay of Australian theatre and television. 

What made my jaw drop was sensational Billy Bourchier as Frederic and Georgina Hopson as Mabel. Both ridiculously beautiful, assured and with voices to die for. Their stage presence belied the fact that they are mere recent ( a few months) graduates from The Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Decades ago I used to watch international opera stars emerge from this amazing school and today their musical theatre course is producing young artists of truly exceptional talent. Booking late we just managed to get tickets a long way back in the almost full house of 2000. Every night is the same. The audience cheered, laughed, clapped and screamed for the entire show and when it ended I managed to stand and clap for the entire 8 minute Pirate Megamix bows. I am so glad I went. Last week at the Matilda Awards, Harvest Rain producer Tim O.Connor was up on stage receiving honours for this company and his personal work. They really have emerged over the last few years from a small theatre group to a major musical theatre company of the highest standards. We walked out determined to subscribe in future. I want to get my favoured front and centre seats in years to come. Great Musical Theatre.

This is the sensational voice and stage presence and beauty of Billy Bouchier whom I have seen in concert and in Candide this year and will see again in Les Mis at the end of the year
I will also be seeing the absolutely amazing soprano Georgina in 'Into The Woods' later this year.

The introduction of Frederick and Mabel

31 August 2015


30th April 2015
Queensland Theater Company

'Brisbane' the new play by Matthew Ryan is brilliant. It is also the second locally written and created play I have seen this week. For two hours and 15 minutes I cried, mostly with laughter, but also with emotion. This is a huge and epic play about War in 1942 and how it affects a 14 year old boy who has a grand imagination, so much inexperience and a profound love of his big brother which he redirects towards an American soldier when 150,000 of them come to Brisbane along with General MacArthur. 
There are shootings and stabbings and scandal in Brisbane, riots, lots of silk stockings and a heavy dose of jealousy from the Australian soldiers who were paid less and still rough around the edges. There is a big story and a family in mourning, local brats teasing the gentler Danny played so perfectly and charismatically by the wonderful Dash Kruck whom I have seen and really grown to love in several plays and a cabaret. Beautiful and compelling Veronica Neave is his grief stricken mother and the tough and angry father is played by Hayden Spencer. The nine superb cast members apart from Dash play several roles each with brilliant and regular changes. It must have been busy back stage.

 The audience loved this work, responded enthusiastically throughout and as mentioned by others they even anticipated dialogue as you could hear murmured place names occasionally. This uniting in a spirit of familiarity and unity came to the fore when the entire audience sang happy birthday to cast member and newly 30 year old Matthew Backer during the curtain calls. Often you just had to nod or smile at the person sitting beside you. Music and sound by Guy Webster was a subtle, but so evocative blend with every action and word. A true score to boost the play. Nostalgia for some and just emotional for others.

During the Q&A that followed last night's performance there was a quite some discussion about could or would this play travel and continue. Yes it has special meaning to locals, but we must not forget that we are a big city of 3 million people. We have had many major events and we are known throughout the world. Always we are made familiar with the stories of other places in this world. Take for example the strife in Baltimore at the moment. We know about that place and it is a small town of 600,000. John Waters, Mink Stole and Divine hail from there. Do not think that our grand stories are not of interest to others. There were a huge group of students there and these stories from the past would have been as unfamiliar to them initially as to a non local. We must not underestimate the power of a well written and brilliantly performed piece of theatre to grab any audience by the mind and heart. Finishes Saturday so you still have a chance to see QTC at its best.. Thank you everyone.
I had gone to the play briefing on the 7th April for a preview discussion of what was to come :- "Tonight I went to a briefing for what is destined to be an epic new play, 'Brisbane' written by Matthew Ryan and starring the huge talent of the charismatic and endearing Dash Kruck. I managed to say hello to Dash again and get a sneak preview of the huge set. The lights are mounted 14 metres high which is a record for the Playhouse. The audience is going to identify with this image of Brisbane of 1942 when 96,000 Yanks came to town with General McArthur and ended up rioting against the put out Australian soldiers in what was known as the Battle Of Brisbane. This is part of the coming of age of young 14 year old Danny and of Brisbane itself. A classic at its birth. BTW that huge poster is of Dash Kruck flying the plane."

Boy & Girl

17th and 21 st January 2015
Oscar Theatre Company
Powerhouse Theatre
Last night we went to this awesome show. Like a huge broadway show there were 35 people on stage. Singers, dancers, aerialists, cheeky bits of flesh, cabaret at its best and an audience who cheered yelled and applauded for almost 2 hours. It began before it began when the sensational and thoroughly gorgeous dancer Tyrel Dulvarie tapped me on the shoulder to say hello. I also ran into him after the show and complimented him on being outstanding yet again. I have seen him on stage before. Then we were treated to some amazing voices, some gorgeous dancing and some raunchy cross gender comedy and pathos. I managed to also meet the wonderful talented Rune Nydal after the show and sent my profound congratulations to another fb friend Dan Venz who was still backstage between the two shows last night. I have seen Dan on stage so often this year and also in the audience.

There were so many outstanding performers like the awesome voice of Josh R H Daveta. It is a must see and the standard and breadth of this show is a cultural highlight so soon in the year. Sexy, Talented, Pro Equality, just plain brilliant and did I mention sexy and fleshy as hell.

 I wanted to go again before it finished so I did. When I returned to see it a second time I was besieged at my table by so many from the cast and also the director came to say hello. I ended up making friends with eleven cast members and have continued to see them so often on stage and attending heaps of theatrical events all year. Some are setting off to Europe and America to further their careers, some have joined top companies and all are so talented and gorgeous. It was quite a collection of top talents.
Some I met were the stunning dancer Tyrel Dulvarie, musical Dan Venz, Rune Nydal, personality plus Josh R H Daveta, Jack Carter, Christopher Joseph, Ethan Dean , golden voiced Garret Rueben Lyon yet another rising star, and the super ball of fun that is Adwan Dickson, super singer Ellen Reed and the physique himself Zachary Denman.
 This is just too sexy for words
Click this link below for the brilliant finale with full cast.
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